Monday, January 11, 2016

I'm starting 2016 off with a bang!

2016 has been great for my business so far! I celebrated my one year Papaversary, I signed up for our Empower Me Pink Tour, and our convention which will be in LAS VEGAS!!! (I have never been before!) I also booked my booth for the 2nd Annual Pin It Expo. I attended EMP tour, convention and two Pin It Expo events last year and I know they won't disappoint this year! On January 6th I had my Ribbon Cutting at the Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce. 

I was surprised that the ribbon cutting stirred up some emotions. I almost shed a tear of joy, but I held it together. It really meant a lot to me that my fellow chamber members showed up to help me celebrate my business. My great friend, Margie Taylor, of Taylorized PR took time out of her busy schedule to join me. When I say busy, I mean BUSY! It also meant the world to me that my mother showed up. She has been working her butt off at Shoot-N-Cut Processing Plant, which she owns with my dad. It has been a very busy season for them, which is great, so I was surprised she was able to make it!. 

My customers have blessed me with $130.00 in sales already! I love how my customers become my friends. One specific comes to mind. I met Meredith at a vendor event I organized for Conroe's Incredible Pizza in November. She was a vendor as well. She made her first purchase that day and has been a great customer ever since. The thing is, I don't feel comfortable calling her a customer now. She met me for lunch on my 1 year anniversary, (Unbeknownst to her.) and it was a great way to celebrate! She then invited me to a Mary Kay makeover party on her birthday yesterday! She sent me the sweetest text afterward. I need a word to combine friend and customer. Friendstumor? Nah. Custofriend? I don't know. 

I love that my $5 accessories has brought so many customers that have turned into friends. I need to sit down and make a list of all the friends I have made through my Paparazzi Accessories business. These connections are priceless and bring me so much joy! As I write this, I wonder, how many more friends will I make this year as a result of selling $5.00 bling? The sky is the limit! 

2016 has me so excited!

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