Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy PapaVersary to Me!!!

Today marks one year that I have been working my Paparazzi Accessories business!

When I joined, my only real intention was to make back the money from my starter kit. My initial $500 investment felt so risky one year ago today. Once my first party brought over $300 in sales, I was hooked! I realized that maybe there was some potential to make money on $5.00 accessories. I was floored. 

I invested a lot of time, effort, money, blood sweat and tears. (Literally, blood, sweat and tears!)
I worked my butt off. I never planned to build a team, but my team came to me! In one year, 9 consultants joined my team. I made Director in 2 months. That wasn't even on my radar. I never chased my promotion. My teammates joined of their on volition. I have even had strangers sign up under me. Now they are my friends.

That brings up the best aspect of my journey with Paparazzi Accessories. I used to be so closed off and filled with social anxiety. My business has helped me to come out of my shell and broken down so many barriers that I had built up around myself. I have made so many new friends and connections as a result of my business. I met so many people in the last year, I am sure the number would easily beat the amount of people I had met and maintained a relationship with in the past 5 years prior. 

I never realized that signing up to sell Paparazzi Accessories was going to change my life. That statement may seem cheesy but it is the truth. I feel like a whole different person in one short year. I never even wore accessories before I found Paparazzi. Now I feel naked if I walk out of the house without my necklace, matching earrings, bracelet(s) and ring! I love my bling! I feel confident and put together in my Paparazzi Accessories. I carry myself with a little more pride simply by knowing I am rocking a look that is trendy, affordable and gorgeous. Strangers compliment the jewelry often and I have even sold the accessories off of my body on a few occasions.    

As one year closes, I look back and I can't believe the income that has come from $5.00 accessories. I made over $8,000.00 selling $5.00 jewelry in 12 months. That is 5 times the amount of my last raise at my full time job and Paparazzi is a part time job for me. When I did the math, I couldn't believe my eyes. My hard work paid off. Honestly, though, the money means so much less to me than the experiences and people that Paparazzi has brought into my life. 

This past year has been a whirlwind and I have loved it. I have had to get out of my comfort zone, grow and learn so much. I can't wait to see what my second year with Paparazzi has in store for me. 

I owe a huge, heartfelt THANK YOU to my family, customers, friends and team for support, encouragement and loyalty to my business. I couldn't have done it without each and every one of you! 

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