Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday is my favorite day. I wake up and sit outside for a few hours. I take in the beauty of nature around me, drink coffee and sit with my thoughts. I look at every Sunday morning. I check Facebook and emails. All while listening to the birds chirp.

Today I was doing some Paparazzi social networking and it caused me to reflect. I greatly enjoy so many aspects of my Paparazzi gig, but these specifically have really filled me with joy:

I think I was born a crafty person. I always have loved arts and crafts. My craft skills have come back as a result of Paparazzi. I have donated baskets for silent auction and come up with gift bags and baskets for holidays and I love pulling it all together with a beautiful presentation! 

I'm a more eager gift giver than receiver so making up awesome gifts is a fun "Job" for me. I love trying to be creative. I like to imagine how the recipient will react.  I also get to vicariously give gifts to girls. I have a step-son so I don't get to buy girly things for a girly girl. Now I do and it is so much fun! 

I know this might sound weird, but I enjoyirganizing my jewelry like you wouldn't believe. I like things to be color coded and when I have to work new stuff in its like playing with a jewelry filled puzzle or Tetris. Making everything fit while still looking appealing. Who knew.

These photos are of my set up at my friend's in home party. I met this friend at a vendor event we both participated which brings me to my last and most important aspect of how amazing Paparazzi Accessories has been for my life.

I have met and worked with some very amazing people that I have no doubt, I never would have met had it not been for Paparazzi. I have made more new friends in 9 months than I have in the past 9 years. I have really connected with people and some of my customers. It's amazing. I get to make friends through my business. I learn so much and get so many great opportunities through these connections. And I am also so much more connected to my community. As an adult I have had some struggles with social interaction, but Paparazzi has given me a way to overcome that challenge and in a very big way. 

This may sound cheesy, but it's true. Last November I bought $15 worth of Paparazzi Accessories. Me. The woman who never wore costume jewelry. Little did I know that by January Paparazzi was going to take my life by storm! I had no idea on January 4th, 2015 my life would be changing in a huge way. It's been a great nine months. I have put a lot of hard work into my business but I have loved every minute of it!

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