Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My Paparazzi Story

One of the founders of Paparazzi has asked us to share our story. I am amazed at the progress I have made and by how Paparazzi has really improved my life! I hope you have to time to read about my journey with Paparazzi!
My story begins when I went to a VFW craft show in Conroe, TX. It was a nasty, drizzly and cold day. The turnout was dismal. To be nice I walked through all the booths. I wasn't interested in much. I stopped in a both that had handmade jewelry and I heard about the person who made it and I knew I had to make a purchase. I spent about $30 on a nice necklace and two rings for my 13 year old cousin as a Christmas gift.
The next booth I went into was a Paparazzi booth. Let me stop here to say, I do not wear costume jewelry. I wear 2 necklaces that are white gold, two rings that are white gold, diamond studs and a watch. And I had barely become comfortable with that at this point in time. So I am still in the "looking to be nice" mindset. Then the young lady says, "Everything is $5". I looked at her in shock. (I have now been on the other side of that reaction A LOT!) I saw "All The Trimmings in Gray" and I saw the pair of earrings too and I figured; This has to be $10 because it is two things, so I pick it up and ask in disbelief, "This is $5.00?!!?!?!?" and she calmly replies "Yes." My mind was BLOWN!!! So then I am not looking to be nice, I am looking to buy! And I picked out a bracelet too.
By this point I am in front of some little girl jewelry which really wasn't on my radar. The nice lady then says, "Those little girl items are two for $5.00. I think I almost sprained my neck when I gave her that look for a second time. I literally stood in front of that Starlet Shimmer and ran through my mental Rolodex to think of a little girl that I could buy some jewelry for. No lie. Not only was it hard to believe the price and quality of this jewelry. It was also so hard to swallow that I wanted to wear this costume jewelry! I was so impressed that I told everyone I know about it. I eventually decided I wanted to have a party featuring Scentsy, Pure Romance and Paparazzi. I needed people to know about this awesome jewelry because I had received so many compliments and realized my friends and family had to see it to believe it! So I pulled out the personal info that had been in my bag. I was going to ask the lady I had purchased from to be a part of my party. And then I dug a little deeper. I read 45% commission. That can't be beat. I like that number! I liked everything I read, I researched the company. I knew if I would buy it, anyone would buy it. I also felt like it really does sell itself if you see it in person!
Within an hour or two I purchased the Large Home Party Kit for $499.00. I had done the math on how much I would have to sell to pay for the kit. As soon as I finalized my purchase I felt a little queasy. That was a lot of money, but I knew if I was going to do this, I was going to go big or go home! At my launch party, I sold close to $300 (Meaning I WAS PAID to $110.00 to hang out with my friends over margaritas and some fantastic food!) The next Monday, I took some of my inventory to work and sold $100 between 2 co-workers. (I made $36.00 with no effort AT ALL. (Unless you count packing it to take up there.)
I had no regrets. My first party I didn't have displays and I hadn't even pulled that much of my inventory out of the boxes. My Grandma went into my office and threw it ALL OVER my house! It looked like Paparazzi had thrown up on everything. I used to work at Walmart and the hysteria was similar to Black Friday. They were like a herd of buffalo. No fighting, thank God, but they were in a frenzy! A week after that party I found another $75.00 in my desk drawer that I had overlooked. (So I had made $172 in the span of two days!)
I was in shock. I didn't push anything. I had the party just to have the party. They asked me if there was a presentation. I said no. I also said no games. "Talk amongst yourselves, enjoy happy hour, mingle and let me know if you have any questions. Just look and if you see something you like, grab it. I will tally it up at the end." I have never been into hard selling and I have been in sales a time or two. I made that much and I gave quite a few freebies.
I invested in display items, my husband made me a few pegboard cases and I have slowly built up my stock and presentation. I have parties and vendor events scheduled from now until October. (I'm not completely booked, but I have quite a bit of leads.)
I love this job! It is the most fun I have ever had working and this is the first time that I have to make myself "clock out"! I want to work over-time! I love my customers and I love my team. I also love the products! I get to be my own walking billboard and I am loving it! I never would have believed that I would love to wear costume jewelry, but I do! You will too! What I love the most about Paparazzi and my decision to join is the connections I have made. I have dealt with social anxiety for a long time. This “job” has pushed me out of so many of my old comfort zones, not just socially. I have really grown as a person through my business. I have met some amazing people, learned so much and I have found a passion that I never expected would all start with a $5.00 accessory. I am so lucky to have made the leap and join such an amazing company.
The sky is the limit and a fire has been ignited in me. I love Paparazzi!‪#‎NoExcuses‬ ‪#‎PaparazziAccessories‬ ‪#‎ILoveMyJob‬

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